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ISE-810 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Campus SEECS
Programs PG
Session Fall Semester 2016
Course Title Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Course Code ISE-810
Credit Hours 3.0
Pre-Requisutes Introduction to IT and Strong Background in Programming Introduction to Software Engineering, and Introduction to Database Systems.
Course Objectives : Software engineering (SE) is about the development and application of processes and tools for managing the complexities inherent in creating high quality software systems. This course presents the large-scale software development using advanced object-oriented techniques and technology and aims to give students both a theoretical and a practical foundation. Therefore the aim is to study empirical software systems. This course will enable you to bridge the gap between theory and practice to engineer software with advanced object-oriented techniques and methodologies through the project.
Detail Content
  • Object Oriented Concepts and Principles
  • Modeling with UML, Requirement engineering
  • Object Oriented Analysis
  • System Design: Decomposing the system
  • System Design: Addressing Design Goal
  • Object Design: Reusing Pattern Solutions
  • Object Design: Specifying Interfaces
  • Deeper View of Reuse and Design Patterns
  • Mapping models to Code
  • Human Computer Interaction and User Interface Design Testing and Reverse Engineering.
Text/Ref Books
  • Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, By R. S. Pressman, 6th Edition, 2005.
  • Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design using UML. By S. Bennett, S. McRobb and R. Farmer, 2002, McGraw Hill.
  • Mastering UML with Rational Rose. By W. Boggs and M. Boggs, BPB Publications, India, 1999 (For Laboratory purpose).
  • The Object Primer: Agile Model Driven Development with UML 2.0. Scott W. Ambler, 3rd edition, (2004).
  • Software Engineering, By I. Sommerville, 6th Edition, 2000
Time Schedule Fall Semester, 2011
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Farooq Ahmad (PhD),
Instructor’s Designation: Associate Professor