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ESE-811 Solar Energy (Elective)
Campus CES
Programs PG
Session Fall Semester 2016
Course Title Solar Energy (Elective)
Course Code ESE-811
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes B.E (Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental and Materials)
Course Objectives Course Outline:

Sun earth relationships, solar radiation and its measurement, solar radiation climatology; thermal processes in solar and flat-plate collectors; concentrating collectors; applications of solar thermal energy; photoelectric effect in semiconductor p-n junctions, solar photovoltaic components and systems, design of photovoltaic systems for electrification and water pumping; applications of photovoltaic solar energy; storage systems for solar energy; recent advances in solar energy applications.

Course Objectives:

This course is aimed at providing the students with an understanding of the processes in the established solar energy technology. Specifically, this course will deal with the solar radiation estimation techniques, the principles of operation, performance analysis and application of solar thermal conversion devices and direct solar electricity converters. Current and future applications of solar thermal and photovoltaics are covered.

Learning outcome:

The course provides an integrated approach towards both solar/PV & Solar thermal system utilization. It advances the understanding of energy conversion processes from device to utility platforms. The systems covered offer the possibility of stand-alone use as well as in conjunction with conventional energy resources. The latter strategy will enable to supplement or relieve the load on fossil fuels.
Detail Content
 No. Topics
Text Books
Contact Hours
1 Solar Radiation
  1. Sun Earth Relationships and Apparent Position of the Sun
  2. Extraterrestrial Radiation and Attenuation of Radiation
  3. Estimation of Terrestrial Solar Radiation; Time Scales; Orientation
 DB 6
2 Solar Thermal Energy Conversion
Heat Transfer Processes in Flat-plate Solar Collector Efficiency of Flat-plate Solar Collectors Solar Collector Performance Models, Collector Efficiency Factor, Heat Removal Factor Concentrating Collectors: Types, Performance and Efficiency
 GKK 6
3 Applications of Solar Thermal Energy

  1. Uses of Low and Medium Temperature Solar Thermal Energy: Water Heating and Air Heating Systems, Distillation and Cooling
  2. High Temperature Solar Thermal Energy for Heat and Electricity
  3. Recent Advances in Solar Thermal Applications in Industry and Buildings
CN & SK 7
4 Direct Solar Electricity Conversion: Photovoltaics
  1. Photoelectric Effect, Doped Semi-conductors, p-n Junction Diode
  2. Solar Cells, Modules and Arrays: Performance and Characteristics of PV cells
  3. Balance of Systems and their Performance
  4. Uses of Photovoltaic Systems: Lighting and Television, Water Pumping, Refrigeration
GKK & GM & LAC 8
5 Applications of Photovoltaics
  1. Simple Design Concepts for Conventional Photovoltaic Applications
  2. Performance Evaluation of Solar Home Systems, Battery Changing Stations & Water Pumping Systems
  3. Rural Electrification by Photovoltaics in Asia
  4. Recent Advances in PV Applications: Building Integrated PV, Grid Connected PV Systems, Hybrid Systems and Solar Cars.
LAC 12
6 Solar Energy Storage
  1. Thermal Storage Systems for Liquid and Air Systems
  2. Storage for PV Systems
DB & LAC 6

Supporting Experiments on Solar Energy and Photovoltaic System Engineering
Solar Radiation Measurement and Analysis
The objective of this experiment is
  • To know how the relationship of sun-earth can be quantified i.e. the position of sun in the sky at different time intervals and the sun path diagram.
  • To know how to estimate the solar radiation falling on different surfaces.
  • to understand the relationships between hourly/ daily values
  • The role of Cumulative Frequency Curves (CFC) and how they could be used to assess daily/ hourly values.

To analyze the performance of a solar collector for drying applications
Objectives of the experiment
  • To determine the useful energy and thermal efficiency of the solar collector.

A Study of Solar Air Heating System
Objectives of the experiment
  • To analyze the performance of a solar collector.
Study on Solar Cell Characteristics
Objectives of the experiment
  • To determine the maximum power output, fill factor and efficiency of a solar cell at different intensities.
  • To investigate the effect of temperature on the solar cell characteristics.
PV System Design, Installation and Performance Evaluation: Solar Home System
Objectives of the experiment
  • To design and performance evaluation of solar home system.
  • To demonstrate the solar home system.
Text/Ref Books
Assigned Code
1 Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes, J. A. Duffie, and W. A. Beckman   DB Text 
2 Principles of Solar Engineering Y. Goswami, F. Kreith and J. F. Kreider GKK Reference
3 Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems Soteris A. Kalogirou.; SK Reference
4 Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Christopher Newton CN Reference
5 Applied Photovoltaics S. R. Wenham, M. A. Green and M. E. Wat WG Text
6 Solar Cells: Operating Principles, Technology and System Applications M. A. Green GM Reference
7 Solar Electricity: Engineering of Photovoltaic Systems E. Lorenzo, G. Araujo, A. Cuevas LAC Reference
Time Schedule Fall Semester 2014
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. AdeelWaqas, Ph.D.