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Thermal Hydraulics ESE-823
Campus CES
Programs PG
Session Fall Semester 2016
Course Title ESE-823
Course Code Thermal Hydraulics
Credit Hours 3-0
Course Objectives Course Objectives
The objective of the Thermal Hydraulics course is to provide an overview of the essential thermal processes related to fluid flow and heat transfer that take place in thermal power plants. The objectives of this course are;
  • To enlighten the essential concept of single phase flow
  • To describe the phenomenon of two phase flow
  • To discuss the single phase heat transfer
  • To provide knowledge of two phase heat transfer and study its application in thermal power plants
  • To design and analyze the heat exchanger for thermal power plants
  • To discuss the thermal loops and applications in thermal power plants

  • The students will be familiarized with single and  two phase flow
  • The course teaches the essentials of  two-phase flow systems, including flow regime maps, void-quality, pressure drop, and critical flow
  • The students learn the heat transfer in single and two phase
  • The course develops the concept of boiling heat transfer, and its implications
  • The students will differentiate between different types of heat exchanger and will help them to design heat exchanger for CPP, commercial NPP and STP.
  • The students will understand the phenomenon behind the production of steam which spin turbine and generate electricity in thermal power plants.
Detail Content
No. Topics Books Contact Hours
1 Single Phase Fluid Dynamics
  • Single phase flow
  • Flow analysis techniques
  • Flow patterns
  • Differential relations for a fluid particle
  • Inviscid flow
  • Viscous flow
  • Laminar flow inside a channel
  • Turbulent flow inside a channel
  • Pressure loss coefficient at abrupt area changes
  • Dimensional Analysis
2 Single Phase Heat Transfer
  • Heat Transfer
  • Conduction heat transfer
  • Laminar heat transfer
  • Turbulent heat transfer
  • Convection heat transfer
  • External forced convection
  • Internal forced convection
  • Natural convection
  • Radiation heat transfer
3 Two Phase Fluid Dynamics
  • Two phase flow
  • Flow patterns and maps
  • Void quality slip relation
  • Two phase flow models
  • Pressure drop relations
  • Critical flow
TK 8
4 Two Phase Heat Transfer
  • Boiling heat transfer
  • Pool boiling
  • Film boiling
  • Subcooled boiling
  • Saturated boiling
  • Critical heat flux
  • Condensation
  • Film condensation
  • Dropwise condensation
5 Heat Exchangers
  • Types of heat exchanger
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient
  • Analysis of heat exchanger
  • Log mean temperature difference method
  • Effectively design shell-and-tube heat exchanger
6 Thermal Power Systems
  • Solar thermal power plant
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Coal power plant
Total 45
Text/Ref Books Recommended Reading (including Textbooks and Reference books)
S.No. Title Author(s) Assigned Code Remarks
1 Nuclear System I: Thermal Hydraulic Fundamentals N.E. Todreas, and M.S.Kazimi TK Text Book
2 Boiling heat transfer and two-phase flow, 2nd Ed L. S. Tong, and Y. S. Tong TT Reference Book
3 Heat Transfer: A Practical Approach Yunus A. Cengel YC Reference Book
4 Fluid Mechanics Frank White FM Reference Book
5 Steam Plant Operation, 9th Edition E. B. Woodruff, H. B. Lammers, and T. F. Lammers WL Reference Book
6 Solar Engineering of Thermal Process, 3rd Edition J. A. Duffie, W. A. Beckman DB Reference Book
7 Nuclear Heat Transport, International, 1981 M. M. El-Waqil EW Reference Book
8 Heat Exchanger Design Handbook, Second Edition K.Thulukkanam KT Reference Book
Time Schedule Fall-2014
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Majid Ali
Ph.D. - Nuclear Energy Science and Technology