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CHE 809 Ballistics
Campus SCME
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Ballistics
Course Code CHE 809
Credit Hours 3-0
Course Objectives To impart the important characteristics of materials and to show how the microsctructure determines properties and is a function of structure. To analyse the defeat of armour systems by projectiles (external ballistics) and to determine appropriate materials to incorporate into armours and projectiles.
Detail Content Armour Materials & Structures; Failure modes, deformation mechanisms, high strain rate effects. Optimisation of properties to resist penetration, plugging and scabbing, The relation between mechnical properties and armour performance, Metallurgical characteristics of steel, aluminium armours & ceramic armour. Armour structures – application of lamination, spacing, obliquity and reactivity. External Ballistics: Shaped charge performance & target effects; Explosively formed fragments, Optimisation of kinetic energy penetrator materials. Armour Calculations and Predictions. An introduction to the mechanisms of armour penetration; Low and high KE density, HEAT and HESH, Definition of Ballistic limit, Penetration & Performance, Predictive formulae for low KE density attack, Milne de Marre Formulae, Equivalent Protection factors. Whittaker’s directional Probability Variations; The distribution of tank armour, the relationship between mobility, protection, threat level and survivability, Computer modeling. Hydrodynamic Attack; Heat and Long Rods, Simple & Modified Hydrodynamic Theory, Effects for velocity, length to diameter ratio, density, hardness etc. on performance of long rods. Stress Wave Effects; The HESH round, Design of Composite Armour. Computer simulation of high velocity impact.
Text/Ref Books
  • Military Ballistics, C.L Farrar & D.W Leeming. Brassey’s Publishers Ltd., 1983.
  • Understanding Firearm Ballistics, Robert A Rinker.
  • Blast and Ballistic Loading of Structures, John G Hetherington & Peter D Smith
Time Schedule Spring Semester
Faculty/Resource Person Dr A Q Malik
Engr Nadeem Ehsan