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CE-809 Structure Dynamics
Campus SCEE (NICE)
Programs PG
Session Summer Semester 2016
Course Title Structure Dynamics
Course Code CE-809
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes CE-802 Matrix Structural Analysis
Course Objectives A detailed review of the basics in structural dynamics is provided. The course begins with a basic overview of single-degree and multi-degree of freedom structural dynamics. The earthquake engineering section of the class touches upon pertinent application of structural dynamics. The course will provide participants with an understanding of the fundamental factors controlling the response of structures.
Detail Content Dynamics of Simple Structures (single-degree-of-freedom systems)
  1. Equation of motion
  2. (Free vibrations
  3. (Response to harmonic force
  4. (Response to periodic force
  5. (Response to arbitrary dynamic force
Multi-Degree-Of-Freedom Structures
  1. Formulation of matrix equations of motion
  2. Analysis of free vibrations
  3. Modal analysis and forced vibrations
Continuous Structures
  1. Partial Differential equations of motions (for strings, bars, beams)
  2. Modal analysis
  3. Wave propagation analysis
Earthquake Response
  1. Response spectrum concept
  2. Application to earthquake engineering
Random Vibrations
  1. Probability theory, random processes
  2. Correlation and spectral density functions
  3. Response to stationary random excitations
  4. Crossing, peak distributions, extreme value analysis, evaluation of fatigue life
Control of Dynamics Response
  1. Overview of vibration control.
  2. Tuned Mass Dampers
  3. Active Control
Text/Ref Books
  1. Raw W. Clough, and Joseph Penzien, (1993): Dynamics of Structures, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2nd Edition.
  2. Anil K. Chopra, (1995): Dynamics of Structures—Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering, Prentice Hall, New Jersey.
  3. Theodore R. Tauchert, (1974): Energy Principles in Structural Mechanics, McGraw-Hill, ISE.
  4. D. E. Newland, (1993): An Introduction to Random Vibrations, Spectral and Wavelet Analysis, Longman, 3rd Edition, London.
  5. Mario Paz, (1997): Structural Dynamics: Theory and Computation, Chapman and Hall, 4th Edition, New York.
Time Schedule Summer Semester 2014
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Shaukat Ali Khan,
PhD/Structural Engineering