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CHE – 853 Green Process Engineering
Campus SCME
Programs PG
Session Fall Semester 2016
Course Title Green Process Engineering
Course Code CHE – 853
Credit Hours 3 – 0
Course Objectives
  • To improve the environmental performance and safety of chemical processes
  • To reduce the risks to man and the environment of chemical products.
  • The principles of sustainable and green process are described. 
  • To understand the important concepts such as waste minimization and reductions in materials and energy consumption and in risk and hazard are introduced.
  • Students will learn about the sustainable processes in chemical engineering.
Detail Content
  • Introduction Principles of green chemistry and sustainability & Waste minimization
  • Reduction of materials use & Reduction of energy requirement
  • Reduction of risk and hazards & Sustainable use of chemical feedstock
  • Energy and water, Life cycle assessment & Bio-catalysis
  • Green catalysis for process industry & Process intensification
  • Fuel cells- clean energy technology for the future
  • Supercritical CO2 for safer processes
  • Extraction of natural products with superheated water
  • Details of lab work, workshops practice (if applicable)
Text/Ref Books
  • Handbook of Green Chemistry and Technology By J. Clark and D. Macquarrie
  • Handbook of Green Chemistry and Technology By WilliJäger, Rannacher,  Warnatz
  • Computational methods for fluid dynamics by Joel H. Ferziger, MilovanPerić.
  • Control and optimization of multiscale process systems ByPanagiotis,Christofides
Time Schedule Fall Semester 2014
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Bilal Khan Niazi
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
School of Chemical and Materials Engineering
National University of Sciences and Technology