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MSE 851 Surface Engineering and Characterization
Campus SCME
Programs PG
Session Fall Semester 2016
Course Title Surface Engineering and Characterization
Course Code MSE 851
Credit Hours 3
Course Objectives
  • At the end of the course,the student should have clear understanding of:
  • Different types of deposition processes.
  • Different techniques which can be used to alter the surface properties.
  • Coatings useful for high temperature applications such as TBCs.
Detail Content
  • Elements of material surface interactions, surface tension, Young’s sessile drop model,
  • Particle surface interactions, surface analysis by ions, electrons and photons,
  • Physical vapor deposition, Chemical vapor deposition,
  • Application of laser and Plasma for surface modification,
  • Characterization of coatings for surface hardness, wear resistance,
  • Adhesion and microstructure, Coatings for corrosion resistance,
  • Aesthetic appearance, optical and electronic applications,
  • Electroplating, Electro-less Deposition.
Text/Ref Books
  • Surface Science: An Introduction (J. B. Hudson) Wiley-Interscience (March 9, 1998)
  • Advanced Surface Engineering (W. D.  Sproul, K. O. Legg) Technomic Publishing Company, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1994).
Time Schedule Fall Semester 2014
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. NasirMehmood Ahmad
Degree : Ph.D. (Polymer Science and Technology, School of Materials, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK)