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MSE 941 Materials for High Temperature Applications
Campus SCME
Programs PG
Session Fall Semester 2016
Course Title Materials for High Temperature Applications
Course Code MSE 941
Credit Hours 3
Course Objectives
  • To understand the basic concept of Engineering Materials at elevated temperature
  • To learn the mechanical properties and corrosion at elevated temperature
  • To study about the Properties, Metallurgy and Processing of Superalloys
  • To study Directionally solidified and single-crystal Superalloys
  • To understand micro structural instabilities, Thermal Barrier Coatings, Nonferrous Heat-Resistant materials, and Titanium Alloys
Detail Content
  • Elevated-temperature characteristics of Engineering Materials,
  • Mechanical properties at elevated temperature, Corrosion at elevated temperature
  • Superalloys: Properties, Metallurgy and Processing of Superalloys,
  • Directionally solidified and single-crystal Superalloys, powder Metallurgy of Superalloys,
  • Heat Treatment of Superalloys, Elevated-Temperature corrosion of Superalloys,
  • Microstructural instabilities, Thermal Barrier Coatings,
  • Titanium Alloys, Refractory metals and Alloys, Structural Intermetallics.
  • Nonferrous Heat-Resistant materials
Text/Ref Books
  • Creep of metals and alloys, R. W. Evans, B Wilshire IOM Communications Ltd; illustrated edition (April 1985)
  • Nickel-base alloys, in Superalloys II, E W Ross, C Sims (October1987)
  • Materials response to thermal-mechanical strain cycling in High Temperature fatigue, D A Miller, R H Priest, Springer (1987)
  • Materials for High Temperature Engineering Applications (Engineering Materials) by G. W. Meetham and M. H Van de VordeSpringer; 2000 edition (April 14, 2000)
  • Titanium Alloys at Elevated Temperature: Structural Development and Service Behavior (Microstructure of High Temperature materials) by M.  Winston. Maney Publication
Time Schedule Fall Semester 2014
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Muhammad Shahid
Degree : PhD. Materials Engineering. University of Manchester, UK.
Specialisation : Teaching at Undergraduate and graduate level, Research in Corrosion Science & Engineering, Manufacturing processes including micro & nanofabrication, Particulate materials.