National University of Sciences and Technology
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Campus SCEE (IESE)
Programs PG
Session Fall Semester 2016
Course Code ENE-801
Credit Hours 1+2
Course Objectives Course Objectives
  1. To provide comprehensive knowledge of analytical techniques and use of modern analytical instruments
  2. Assessment and meaningful interpretation of analytical results
Course Outcomes
 Students will
  • Get an insight into how to tackle practical analytical chemical problems.
  •  Understanding the basic theory and relevant parameters in analytical chemistry.
  • Learn how to report analytical results and draw conclusion
Detail Content
  • Principles of physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of environmental pollutants.
  • Principles of Environmental Analytical Techniques.
  • Sampling and preservation procedures for the examination of water, wastewater, air and solid waste.
  • Laboratory techniques and field monitoring of parameters of importance causing environmental pollution.
  • Instrumental techniques using atomic absorption spectrophotometer, XRD, Particle size analysis.
  • Jar testing for optimum dose, pH, velocity gradients, mixing intensity and mixing time.
  • Gas chromatography.
  • Assessment and interpretation of results using statistical tools.
Text/Ref Books
  1. Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater by AWWA, WPCF Washington DC, (latest edition).
  2. Environmental Engineering Laboratory by Dr. Khurshid Ahmed A-one Publishers Lahore. (latest edition).
  3. Principles of Environmental Sampling by Keith (latest edition)
Time Schedule Fall Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. M. Arshad
PhD (University of Toulouse,France)
Discipline: Environmental Sciences