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EC-910 Selected Topics in Computer Network and Distributed Systems
Campus College of E&ME
Programs PG
Session Summer Semester 2016
Course Title Selected Topics in Computer Network and Distributed Systems
Course Code EC-910
Credit Hours 3 hrs
Course Objectives This is an advance networking course that focuses on the latest research issues on the selected advance networking topics. New technologies and trends in the areas of P2P networks and QoS are discussed in detail. In addition some advance topics in the field of computer networks like network management, network security and grid computing are also discussed in the class. Special emphasis is given to the research aspects in order to encourage students to pursue network related research in future. Simulation concepts in computer networks are discussed in class. In addition, Network Simulator (NS2) is discussed with the help of example comments.
Detail Content Course Outcome:

  • In general terms, the proposed UCT is envisioned to deliver the following learning outcomes:
    • to identify and discuss the concepts underlying IPv6 protocol, and their main characteristics and functionality;
    • to understand the principles and functionality of mobile IP, explaining its concretization in IPv6; to understand the needs of optimization of the mobility mechanisms and decommention of some extensions that aim to reduce handover latency and requirements from terminals;
    • to recognize the need for service integration and discuss how it can be accomplished;
    • to explain and exemplify current QoS architectures and mechanisms, and the QoS support challenges in future networks;
    • to understand and explain the design issues in transport services in face of applications and services requirements;
    • to understand theoretical and practical concepts behind the design of multiconstained applications and services;
    • to discuss relevant management issues and devise adequate network management solutions;
    • to identify and assess possible research opportunities and difficulties within the course scope.
Course Contents:
  • Introduction, congestion control and resource allocation 4 Hours
  • QoS Architectures (IntServ, DiffServ, MPLS) 6 Hours
  • Recent Research Directions in QoS 4 Hours
  • Network Security 4 Hours
  • Network Management 4 Hours
  • 6.Grid Computing 6 Hours
  • 7. Peer to Peer Networks 4 Hours
  • 8. Recent Research directions in P2P 6 Hours
  • Simulation case studies 7 Hours
Text/Ref Books
  • The course addresses multiple advance topics in computer networks. Hence, single text book can not be selected. Research papers and surveys are mostly used to teach new and advance topics. This material will be provided to students in the class. Following books are also consulted for some of the lectures.
  • Computer Networks, Systems approach by Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie
  • A Networking Approach to Grid Computing by Minoli
Time Schedule Summer 2015
Faculty/Resource Person