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CE-823 Slope Stability
Campus SCEE (NICE)
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Slope Stability
Course Code CE-823
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes Graduate or 04 years
Course Objectives The course aims at rendering an in-depth knowledge of rock mechanics and understanding of rock strength. It deals with stability measures and enhancement of rock strength by exposing students to various means/measures to do this. Also includes tunneling design.
Detail Content
  1. Rock Excavation, Slopes and Review of Shear Strength of Rock Joints
  2. Effect of Shear Strength on Stability of Rocks
  3. Slope Stability Analysis
  4. Stabilization and Monitoring of Slopes
  5. Design and Construction of Slopes and Cuts
  6. Rock Properties and Tunnel Behavior
  7. Observational Methods of Design
Text/Ref Books
  1. Goodman R E (1989), Introduction to Rock Mechanics, John Willey.
  2. Hoek, E (1990), Underground Excavations in Rock, Spon Pess.
  3. Hoek, E,(1981), Rock Slope Engineering, The Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Spon Press.
  4. Legget, R.F and Hatheway, A.W. (1988), Geology and Engineering, McGraw Hill, Book Company, New York, USA.
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Kamran Akhtar, PhD