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CE-884 Safety Management in Construction
Campus MCE
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Safety Management in Construction
Course Code CE-884
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes UG level courses of construction management, civil engineering, construction science, architecture, and engineering.
Course Objectives Aims to give students a broad introduction to the subject of safety management in construction to enable them to be familiar risk and hazards and with all SOP of the construction methods and techniques as well as safe operation and safety management systems.
Detail Content
  • Introduction. What is an Accident? Construction Industry Injury Statistics. Why Do Accidents Occur? Theories of Accident Causation.
  • Cost of Construction Accidents / Incidents. Direct Costs of Injuries. Workers’ Compensation. Indirect Costs of Injuries. Investment in Safety.
  • Construction Safety Programs. Reasons for a Comprehensive Safety Program. Building a Safety and Health Program. Elements of a Safety Program. Model Construction Safety Program. Safety and Health Program Evaluation.
  • Analyzing Construction Hazards and Accidents/Incidents. Worksite Hazard Analysis. Accident/Incident Analysis. Job Safety Analysis. Hazard Analysis. Analyzing Accident Data.
  • Construction Accident Prevention Techniques. Safety and Health Management. Toolbox Talks. Training. Hazard Identification. Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs). Accident Investigation. Job Safety Observation. Safety and Health Audits.
  • Personal Protective Equipment. Head Protection. Hand Protection. Eye Protection. Foot Protection. Respiratory Protection. Chemical Protective Equipment Standards. Fall Protection Equipment. Protective Clothing. Work in Confined Spaces.
  • Job Site Safety. Job Site Safety Assessment. Safety Policy. Responsibility and Accountability. Company Policies and Procedures. Parking Facilities and Site Access. Driving Rules. Security. Hours of Work. Checking In and Out. Payday. Drinking Water. Sanitary Facilities. Special Programs and Permit Requirement. First Aid. Rules and SOPs for Construction Tasks. Safety and First-Line Supervisors (Foremen). Safety and Middle Managers (Superintendents). Top Managers and Safety.
  • Construction Standards. Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1970. OSHA Standards. OSHA Subparts A, B, & C. OSHA Subparts D & E. OSHA Subpart F. OSHA Subpart G, H & I. OSHA Subparts J & K. OSHA Subparts L & M. OSHA Subparts N & O. OSHA Subpart P. OSHA Subparts Q & R. OSHA Subparts S & T. OSHA Subparts U & W. OSHA Subparts X & Z.
  • OSHA compliance. Employers Responsibilities. Workers’ Rights and Responsibilities. Assuring a Safe and Healthy workplace. Worker Training
  • Safety in Construction Contracts. Compliance with Existing Laws and Regulations on Safety. Contractor’s Safety Program. Safety Performance Reports to the Owner. Emergency Plans. Safety Manager, Safety Officer, Safety Advisor. Project Coordination and Safety.
  • Subcontractor Safety. Subcontractor Safety in the Selection Process. Influence of General Contractors on Subcontractor Safety. Subcontractor Safety on Medium Sized Projects. Subcontractor Safety on Large Projects.
  • Owners and Construction Safety. Owner Involvement in Construction Safety. Selecting Safe Contractors. Owner Involvement in Site Safety. Owners and Subcontractor Safety.
  • Designer and Construction Safety. Designing for Safety. Design Decisions That Affect Construction Safety. Construction Managers and Safety.
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Management System. SH&E Management System. The UK Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 1994. Safety and Health under CDM Regulations. Monitoring Site Safety. OHSAS 180001.
Text/Ref Books
Time Schedule Spring 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Lt Col Irfan Zafar MS Construction Engineering & Management