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CE-861 Pavement Rehabilitation & Management
Campus SCEE (NIT)
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Pavement Rehabilitation & Management
Course Code CE-861
Credit Hours 3
Course Objectives Course Objectives: The course addresses all aspects of asphalt technology, successfully implemented road-way pavement structural design, hot mix design, maintenance and rehabilitation.

Course Outcomes: After completing this course the student should be able to:
  • locate and review information on periodic maintenance and road rehabilitation.
  • describe the role of periodic maintenance and pavement rehabilitation in the broad context of provision and management of a land transport system.
  • define technical terminology relating to periodic maintenance and rehabilitation of road pavements.
  • design an appropriate condition survey for an existing road pavement.
  • describe the methodology associated with the design of sprayed bitumen seal.;
  • explain the types of constraints that are applicable to periodic maintenance and rehabilitation works that result from design and construction issues.
  • describe the types of rehabilitation treatments in common use;
  • explain the role of structural overlays in the management of road pavements.
perform an economic evaluation of alternative treatments for a distressed pavement.
Detail Content
  1. Asset/ Pavement Management Concepts
  2. Distress in Pavements
  3. Project Surveys and Evaluation
  4. Pavement Performance and Cost Evaluation
  5. Selection of Preferred Rehabilitation Alternative
  6. Asphaltic Concrete (AC) Overlay of Asphalt Pavements
  7. Asphaltic Concrete (AC) Overlay of Concrete Pavements (Slab Reduction Techniques)
  8. Other Asset Management Systems
Text/Ref Books
  1. Pavement Management for Airports, Roads and Parking Lots, M. Y. Shahin, 2nd Edition, Springer, 2005.  
  2. Distress Identification Manual for the Long-Term Pavement Performance Program, Federal Highway Administration, FHWA-RD-03-031, 2003.
  3. AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures Washington, D.C., 1986, 2002.
  4. Pavement Design & Rehabilitation Manual, The Ohio Department of Transportation, 1999.
  5. Pavement Condition Rating System, The Ohio Department of Transportation, 2004.
  6. Rehabilitation Strategies for Highway Pavements, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, 2001.
  7. Flexible Pavement Rehabilitation Manual, CALTRANS, 2001.
  8. International Workshop Highway Engineering, MSU & NIT, 2006.
  9. Asphalt in Pavement Maintenance, Asphalt Institute, MS-16, 3rd Edition.
  10. Haas, R. and Hudson, W.R., Pavement Management System, McGraw Hill, Inc, 1982.
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khurshid
PhD, Purdue University, USA
Discipline: Civil Engineering
Specialty: Transportation Engineering