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URP-801 Advanced Planning Techniques
Campus SCEE (NIT)
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Advanced Planning Techniques
Course Code URP-801
Credit Hours 3
Course Objectives Course Objectives: The purpose of the course is to provide the students with knowledge on all Planning Components and advanced planning techniques. The students will be able to plan and develop urban center with advanced planning techniques.

Course Outcomes: After the course the student should have a firm, all round knowledge on urban planning and be able to make the planning proposal for urban & regional development.
Detail Content
  • Planning as a cyclic process.
  • Use of techniques at various stages of the planning process.
  • Goals formulation techniques. Techniques of data collection and surveys. Questionnaire construction and empirical studies.
  • Problem identification. Techniques of policy making and strategy planning.
  • Introduction to decision theory as a basis of public policy planning.
  • Policy Analysis as a technique of planning.
  • Strategy evaluation through cost effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis.
  • GIS and other techniques of developing Master Plans and Local Plans or Area development schemes.
  • Plan implementation techniques. Planning balance sheet and Goal Achievement Matrix analysis as tools of plan evaluation, other plan evaluation techniques.
  • Introduction to modeling techniques through the study of population forecasting, gravity and land use models. Social impact analysis as technique of community planning.
  • Illustration of selected techniques through case studies.
Text/Ref Books Text Book (Author, title, publisher, publication year):
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Reference books (Authors, title, publisher & publication year):
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Time Schedule Spring Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Abdul Waheed
PhD, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand
Discipline: Urban & Regional Planning
Specialty: Urban Security Planning