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URP-806 Sustainable Urban Land-Use Planning
Campus SCEE (NIT)
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Sustainable Urban Land-Use Planning
Course Code URP-806
Credit Hours 3
Course Objectives Course Objectives:     The objective of this course is to help participants to understand the dynamics of urban land use in a functional and integrated way. The course also demonstrates how to effectively utilize policies and planning instruments for managing urban growth and achieving sustainable, equitable and efficient results.

Course Outcomes:     After the course the student should have a sound knowledge on sustainable urban land-use planning and be able to make the urban land-use policies and plans, considering various aspects of urban life.
Detail Content
  • Land Use Planning and its contribution to Sustainable Urban Development;
  • Institutions, Policies and Tools for Effective Land Use Planning;
  • Integration of  Land Use Planning and Infrastructure;
  • Management of  Growth in Peri-Urban Areas;
  • Promotion of  Local Economic Development through Land Use Planning;
  • Social Equity and Land Use Planning;
  • Climate Change and Land Use Planning.
  • A comparative study of private and public control of land use / real-estate
  • Development through Master plans and Spatial Plans
  • Zoning Regulations, ,  bylaws, subdivision control,  Land-use standards and their  impacts urban development,
  • Strategic planning and guided development plans
Text/Ref Books Text Book (Author, title, publisher, publication year):
  • Sustainability Impact Assessment of Land Use Changes, Helming, Katharina; Pérez-Soba, Marta; Tabbush, Paul (Eds.)
  • Kurt W. Bauer, City Planning for civil engineers, and surveyors, CRC Press(2010),
  • M. Terry, T. Paul& A. Bruce , The transportation/land use connection, American Planning Association, Planning Advisory Service .USA (2009)
Reference books (Authors, title, publisher & publication year):
  • Karst Geurs, (2009), Accessibility, land use and transport, Euborn
  • LeCorbusier: A Contemporary City; Frank Lloyd Wright: Broadacre City: A New Community Plan
  • Hamilton et al. (eds.), Transformation of Cities in Central and Eastern Europe, United Nations University Press, 2005.
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Asst Prof. Imtiaz Ahmed Vohra
MSc AIT Bangkok, Thailand
Discipline: Urban & Regional Planning
Specialty: Human Settlement Development