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ECON – 614 Topics in Monetary Economics
Campus S3H
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Topics in Monetary Economics
Course Code ECON – 614
Credit Hours 3 Hours/week
Course Objectives To understand the role of the monetary economics in applicative aspect, discusses Classical, Keynesian, and modern theories and its recent critical assessment. Covering the role of monetary policy and its relation to economic development, this course will cover topics in monetary economics to understand the interactions between real and monetary factors to have a systematic summary of recent developments.
Detail Content
  • Monetary Multiplier; Dynamics in Objectives of Monetary Policy
  • Comparison of QTMs: Friedman on QTM
  • Monetary Aggregates and Money Multipliers: Predicting Money Multiplier in Pakistan
  • Money in Utility Function
  • Money and Transaction: Resource Cost and CIA Models
  • New Keynesian Monetary Economics
  • Inflation Targeting: Experience from Developed & Developing Economies
  • Natural rate of interest rate: A new monetary policy
  • Mirage of Exchange Rate regimes
  • Monetary Policy Issues in Global Perspective
  • Monetary Policy Issues in Pakistani Perspective
Text/Ref Books
  • Carl E. Walsh, Monetary Theory and Policy, Third Edition.
  • Frederic S Mishkin, The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, 8th Edition
  • Articles covering recent issues in Monetary policy and Theory.
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Mr. Farooq Rasheed (Visiting)