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ME-831 Computational Fluid Dynamics
Campus PNEC
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Computational Fluid Dynamics
Course Code ME-831
Credit Hours 3-0
Course Objectives Theory and application of Finite Difference, Finite Element and Finite Volume Methods to selected Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Models including full Potential Flow Model, the systems of Euler and Navier-Stoke's Equations, and Turbulence, Grid Generation Techniques; Lab work related to code writing and commercial CFD software’s
Detail Content
  • Langragian and Eulerian decommention, Velocity and stress field, Fluid statics, Fluid Kinematics.
  • Reynolds transport theorem, Integral and differential forms of governing equations: mass, momentum and energy conservation equations, Navier-Stokes equations, Euler’s equation, Bernoulli’s Equation.
  • Exact solutions of Navier-Stokes Equations ; Couette flows, Poiseuille flows, Fully developed flows in non-circular cross-sections, Unsteady flows, Creeping flows.
  • Potential Flows ;  Revisit of fluid kinematics, Stream and Velocity potential function, Circulation, Irrotational vortex, Basic plane potential flows: Uniform stream; Source and Sink; Vortex flow, Doublet, Superposition of basic plane potential flows, Flow past a circular cylinder, Magnus effect; Kutta-Joukowski lift theorem; Concept of lift and drag.
  • Laminar Boundary Layers ; Boundary layer equations, Boundary layer thickness, Boundary layer on a flat plate, similarity solutions, Integral form of boundary layer equations, Approximate Methods, Flow separation, Entry flow into a duct.
  • Turbulent Flow; Introduction, Fluctuations and time-averaging, General equations of turbulent flow, Turbulent boundary layer equation, Flat plate turbulent boundary layer, Turbulent pipe flow, Prandtl mixing hypothesis, Turbulence modeling, Free turbulent flows.
Text/Ref Books
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Time Schedule Spring Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Dr Shafiq Ur Rehman Qureshi
PhD (University of Manchester, UK)
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering
Specialization: Computational Fluid Dynamics