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CE-801 Advanced Structural Mechanics
Campus MCE
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Advanced Structural Mechanics
Course Code CE-801
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes BE (Civil, Architecture, Construction Engineering & Management
Course Objectives Aims to provide students with advanced knowledge and tools for analysis of structures and application strategies for.
Detail Content
  • Indicial Notation and Cartesian Tensors
    • Matrix notation
    • Cartesian coordinate system
    • Indicial notation
    • Change of coordinate System
    • Cartesian tensors
  • Motion of a Continuous Body (Kinematics)
    • Lagrangian and Eulerian decommentions
    • Introduction to the strain tensor
    • The small-strain tensor
    • Physical meaning of the strain tensor
    • Change of coordinate system
    • Principal strains and principal directions
  • Stress Tensors
    • Introduction to the stress tensors
    • Change of coordinate system
    • Principal stresses and principal directions
    • Equations of motion – Principle of virtual work
  • Introduction to the Stress – Strain Relationship
    • Generalization of Hooke’s law to 3D
    • Elastic symmetry & isotropic and anisotropic linear elasticity
    • Incompressibility
    • Plane strain and plane stress
    • The compatibility equation and boundary conditions in 2D and 3D
  • Solution of Problems in 2D Elasticity
    • Governing equations
    • Saint Venant’s principle (end effects)
    • Elastic solutions by polynomial stress functions
  • Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
    • Introduction to mechanisms of fracture and crack growth
    • The elastic crack-tip stress field
    • Energy release rate
    • The J-integral
  • One Dimensional Rate-Independent Plasticity and Viscoplasticity
    • Frictional and rheological models
    • Isotropic and kinematic strain hardening Integration algorithms
Text/Ref Books a. Y. C. Fung and Pin Tong, (2001):
(1) Classical and Computational Solid Mechanics, World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore
(2) George E. Mase (1970)
Schaum’s Outlines: Continuum Mechanics, Mc-Graw-Hill, New York.
(3) Pisidhi Karsudhi (1990):
Foundations of Solid Mechanics, Kluwer Academic Publishers
(4) T. J. Lardner and R. R. Archer (1994)
Mechanics of Solids: An Introduction, McGraw-Hill International Editions, Singapore
Time Schedule Spring 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Maj Dr Muhammad Rizwan PhD in Structural Engineering