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EE-831 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Campus MCS
Programs PG
Session Summer Semester 2016
Course Title Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Course Code EE-831
Credit Hours 3+0
Course Objectives To provide knowledge of the principles of digital signal processing in time and frequency domains; design and implementation of digital filter techniques for a range of applications.
Detail Content
  • Review of Discrete Time Signals and Systems. Analog to digital conversion, sampling theorem in time and frequency domain, sampled digital signal representation, LTI systems and their properties, convolution and correlation operations and structures.
  • Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). Introduction to DFT and its definition, properties of DFT, time and frequency resolution, computation of DFT and the development of fast algorithms (FFT).
  • Digital Filtering. Introduction to FIR and IIR digital filters, their properties and applications. Design of lowpass, highpass and bandpass FIR filters using window, frequency sampling and CAD techniques. Comb filters, Hilbert transformer and differentiator design using FIR techniques. Digital IIR filter design from equivalent analog filters using bilinear Z-transformation.
  • Structures and State-Equations: System Implementations with direct, cascade and parallel realizations, Lattice Filters, writing and solving state equations.
  • Multirate Digital Signal Processing. Introduction to multirate DSP systems. Introduction to decimation and interpolation operations using FIR filtering. Design of polyphase filter structures for sampling rate conversion.
  • DSP Applications. Use of DSP techniques in modern communication systems.
Text/Ref Books Text Books:
  • Robert D. Strum, “First Principles of Discrete Systems and Digital Signal Processing”.
Reference Books:
  • Sanjit K. Mitra, “Digital Signal Processing: A computer based Approach”.
Time Schedule Summer-2015
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Adil Masood Siddiqui, PhD