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SE-860 Adv Software Engineering
Campus MCS
Programs PG
Session Summer Semester 2016
Course Title Adv Software Engineering
Course Code SE-860
Credit Hours 3-0
Course Objectives This consummates the knowledge and skills learnt in first Software Engineering course. The complete software engineering cycle is covered with current methodologies and techniques. Student shall also learn the key industrial standards and practices in software engineering today. This course aims to study various software development models and phases of software development life cycle. The concepts of project management, change control, process management, software development and testing are introduced through hands-on Team Projects. The students will study techniques for software verification, validation and testing. They would also study reliability and performance issues in software design and development.
Detail Content


Introduction:    . Software Engineering, System Engineering, Industry’s Demands


Background     SWEBOK (Software Engineering Body of Knowledge), ISO/IEEE 12207 (Life Cycle Standard), Contract acquisition, Best Practices


Foundation  Software engineering Model, Project Management, Measurements, estimations, Risk Management


Classics  Phases of Software Development, Requirements elicitation, analysis, negotiation and Specification, Architectural, structural and details design, Construction and Coding, Verification , validation and Test strategies


Object Oriented  OO Methodologies, Frameworks, UML, OO Analysis and Design, OO Test


Advanced Components Based, Service based, Aspect based SE,CASE tool, Rational Rose, SW-CMM

Text/Ref Books


1.  Software engineering, Ian Summerville

2.  Object Oriented System Development, Ali Bahrami, McGraw-Hill.


  1. Essays on Object Oriented Software Engineering Vol 1, by Edward V Herard
  2. Object Oriented Modelling and Design, Rumbaugh, Prentice-Hall
  3. Software Engineering, A Practitioners Approach, Roger S Pressman
  4. Object Oriented and Classical Software Engineering by Stephen R Schach, 5t

Sem Project

Planning Programming Projects

Time Schedule Fall Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person A/P Dr Sarmad Sadik
SEECS-NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan
Discipline: Information Technology
Specialization: Computer Science