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IS-822 Wireless Network Security
Campus MCS
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Wireless Network Security
Course Code IS-822
Credit Hours 3+0
Pre-Requisutes IS-820, IS-841
Course Objectives To introduce the concepts and security implications involved in the design of upcoming wireless networks.
Detail Content
  1. Introduction To Wireless Networks Security . Upcoming wireless networks: Cellular networks, wireless mesh networks, ad hoc networks (MANETs, VANETs, WSNs), RFID networks, 3G / 4G networks . Network security fundamentals, design issues
  2. Key Distribution Techniques in Wireless Networks . Key establishment in WSNs . Key establishment in P2P networks
  3. WiFi Networks Security . Introduction to WiFi networks . Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP): Introduction and insecurities . Security enhancements to WiFi – 802.11i security framework
  4. Wireless Ad hoc Networks Security . Broadcast authentication in wireless networks . Secure routing in ad hoc & sensor networks . Security issues in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) & mesh networks
  5. 4G Networks Security . LTE/SAE Security Framework
  6. Wireless Networks Privacy . Privacy basics, notions and metrics . Privacy in RFID networks
Text/Ref Books
  1. Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations by Nelson, B., Phillips, A., Enfinger, F., &Steuart, C., 2007, Third edition.
  2. Computer Forensics: Principles and Practices, Volonino / Anzaldua / Godwin, Prentice Hall0-13-154727-5
  3. Digital Evidence and Computer Crime: Forensic Science, Computers, and the Internet, by Eoghan Casey, Academic Press
  4. K.J. Jones, R. Bejtlich, C. W. Rose: Real Digital Forensics. Addison-Wesley, 2006
  5. B. Carrier: File System Forensic Analysis. Addison-Wesley, 2005
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Lt Col Dr. Imran Rashid, PhD
University of Manchester, UK
Discipline: Telecomm
Specialization: MIMO Wireless Communication