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IS-852 Data Communication Networks & Security
Campus MCS
Programs PG
Session Summer Semester 2016
Course Title Data Communication Networks & Security
Course Code IS-852
Credit Hours 3+0
Course Objectives The aim of the course is to provide the students an understanding of the principles of network communication and various concepts in areas of network security, including physical-layer security, network-layer security, and transport-layer security.
Detail Content
  1. Introduction: OSI 7-layer network model: (physical, data-link, network, transport, session, presentation, application), Physical layer security issues (interference, interception), Data-link layer security issues (point-to-point security), Network layer security issues, Transport layer security issues
  2. Network security protocols: IPSec, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  3. Types of attacks: Passive attacks, Active attacks, Foot printing, Host scanning, Port scanning (SYN, FIN/Xmas/null, protocol, idle), Denial of Service, Network services.
  4. Attacks on TCP/IP networks: Packet sniffing (passive, active), IP spoofing, Hijacking, Remote OS detection, Packet filtering, Firewalls, Network address translation, Denial of Service (teardrop, flooding, amplification, distributed DoS, low-rate TCP attacks).
  5. Security of wireless networks: IEEE 802.11 (WEP, WPA), Bluetooth (blue jacking, blue snarfing).
  6. Application security: Software vulnerabilities and exploits (buffer overflow, format string), Types of malicious software, Self-propagating malware.
Text/Ref Books
  1. “Data Communications and Networking” by Behrouz A. Forouzan 2. Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman, Mike Speciner, Network Security: PRIVATE Communication in a PUBLIC World, Prentice-Hall, 2002
  1. Jon Erickson, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, No Starch Press, 2003.
  2. Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray, George Kurtz, Hacking Exposed (5th edition), McGraw-Hill, 2005.
Time Schedule Summer Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Lec Mian Muhammad Waseem Iqbal, MS

National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad
Discipline: Information Security
Specialization: Information Security