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SYSE-862 Architecting C4I System Of Systems
Campus MCS
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Architecting C4I System Of Systems
Course Code SYSE-862
Credit Hours 3+0
Course Objectives This course targets the designers and developers of C4I System. The purpose of the course is to provide the students with developer level understanding on C4I2SR system, with special emphasis on the use of Internet Protocol, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), and Global Information Grid (GIG) for establishing a Common Operating Picture (COP). the students will be taught a system engineering approach for designing / developing robust, coherent, enduring and cost-effective C4I system that would provide Network-Centric Operation (NCO) capabilities in order to construct an enterprise level System of Systems (SOS) to enable them inter-operate in an integrated manner to achieve a holistic operational capabilities much beyond a particular component system. The students will be trained in aligning the system solution with the business needs and meeting users' expectations. The developers will learn to use now technologies such as Business Process Management and Configuration Management to improve the design / development process.
Detail Content



(i) Introduction to System of Systems Design.

(ii) Introduction to Real-time and Fault Tolerant Mission Critical Systems

(iii) Requirement Analysis Engineering to extract Technical Requirements from CONOP


Introduction to Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming

(i) War gaming - Games Beyond Entertainments

(ii) Defence Modeling, Simulation and Games

(iii) Outputs and Effects of Game Play

(iv) Gaming Software for Exascale Computing


Data Fusion

(i) System Design and Integration

(ii) SOA as an integration tool

(iii) Advance Database Concepts for Data Migration and Integration


Design and Analysis of Large Scale Enterprise Networks

(i) Networks Design for Data Centres and Cloud Computing

(ii) Network Security

(iii) Managing Large scale Networks for 24/7 availability


Information System Security

(i) IS Management

(ii) Risk Analysis and Management

(iii) Cryptographic techniques for Safe Data Transfer, PKI, Digital Signatures, Gateway Security, Symmetric Cryptography

(iv) Secure Coding for Producing Secure Systems

(v) Database Security


Semester Project with Part Implementation of a Situational Operation as POC

Text/Ref Books

Text Book and References

1. Report by the Committee on C4ISR for Future  Naval Strike Groups, C4ISR for Future Naval Strike Groups, National Research Council USA, ISBN: 978-0-309-09600-3

2. Report by the Committee on Modeling, Simulation, and Games, The Rise of Games and High Performance Computing for Modeling and Simulation, Standing Committee on Technology Insight--Gauge, Evaluate, and Review; National Research Council, USA, ISBN 978-0-309-14777-4

1. RCMS NUST, Handout on C4I System, Prepared Locally at RCMS in Collaboration with C4I Organizations

Time Schedule Spring Semester 2015
Faculty/Resource Person Col Dr. Mukaram Khan, PhD
The University of Manchester, UK
Discipline: System Engineering
Specialization: Computer System Engineering, Real-time Neural Applications on Massively Parallel CMP System.