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CHE-941 Energetic Materials Processing
Campus SCME
Programs PG
Session Fall Semester 2016
Course Title Energetic Materials Processing
Course Code CHE-941
Credit Hours 3.0
Course Objectives To acquaint the student with the various processing regimes ranging from energetic materials mixing, rheology, fasting or extrusion to curing and kinetics. To describe the ways by which energetic material processing is affected by choices made in designing operational modules.
Detail Content Equipment and Designed Techniques: Viscous mixing and striation thickness; correlation between process parameters and curing kinetics; processing equipment and candidate geometries; determination of velocity fueled, pressure distribution, intensity of mixing and throughput generated by batch and continuous processing. Recent improvement in design of twin screw and RIM are highlighted; equipment scale up in terms of process parameters. Multiphase Rheology: The architecture of slurries and PSD; rheology models and prediction of relative viscosity; influence of particle morphology, aspect ratio, PSD and concentration on system viscosity; yield stress, stress overshoe and viscous flow curves for representative systems. Casting and Curing: Vacuum processing incorporating promising casting schematics; determination of process parameters leading to effective degassing of the slurries; compact chamber filling; temperature a function of relevant dimensionless numbers; optimum mold wall temperature curing process; Manifold casting operation and analysis. Kinetics: Kinetic parameters like reaction order; rate constant and activation energy of the energetic materials are determined for both isothermal and adiabatic cases. Viscosity curing and molecular weight development are correlated. Gel point and casting limits are quantified via coupling of chemical kinetics
Text/Ref Books
  • Tribology in Particulate Technology, B.J. Briscoe and –Hilger (1989)
  • Energetic Composites, Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Material Decker, N.Y (1997)
  • Advanced Energetic Materials Processing N.R.C, UK (2004)
  • Handbook of Industrial Mixing, Wiley, E.L. Paul, (Ed.) (2004)
Time Schedule Fall Semester, 2011
Faculty/Resource Person Dr Arshad Hussain