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CHE-981 Advanced Fuel Technology
Campus SCME
Programs PG
Session Fall Semester 2016
Course Title Advanced Fuel Technology
Course Code CHE-981
Credit Hours 3.0
Course Objectives This course focuses on the understanding and solution of the problems of fuel starved world.
Detail Content The basics of hydrogen, History and development, Why hydrogen as a fuel. Production of Hydrogen, Storage and handling aspects, Transportation of gaseous hydrogen, Hydrogen fuel. Methanol: Historical development of Methanol, Production of methanol, Reactions and applications of methanol, Future opportunities and challenges, Storage and handling aspects. Hydrazine: Introduction, Physical properties of hydrazine, Hydrazine chemistry, Production of hydrazine, Hydrazine handling aspects, Decomposition and combustion of hydrazine, Hydrazine applications.
Text/Ref Books
  • Methanol production and Use, Wu-Hsun Cheng, H.H. Kung
  • Advances in Hydrogen Energy, G. Padro, F. Lau
  • Hydrogen energy system: Production, utilization and future aspects, Y. Yurum
  • Prospectus for hydrogen and fuel cell,
  • Control of fuel cell power systems: Principal, Modeling, Analysis and Feedback, Pukrushpau, Awa G., Huei Peng
  • Hydrogen power of the future, Chris Hayhurst
  • Hydrazine and its derivatives: Preparation, Properties, Applications, E. W. Schmidt
Time Schedule Fall Semester, 2011
Faculty/Resource Person Dr Noman-Ul-Haq