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CCE-802 Advanced Practice Skills
Campus C3A
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Advanced Practice Skills
Course Code CCE-802
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes Career counseling sessions, recordings, evaluation
Course Objectives
  • Define different career guidance and developmental approaches used frequently in career counselling practices
  • Explain the set of required professional skills and techniques related to different approaches that are used for career exploration during the careers counselling interviews
  • Assess the role of reflective practice for continuous professional and career development
  • Develop effective solution focused group work strategies to address the needs of clients’ personal development and career progression
  • Discover gender based needs and implications of providing multicultural career counselling to diverse population
  • Comprehend the role of a career counsellor in providing advocacy and referral to clients and the ethical issues involved in the process
Detail Content
  • Prior experience /Introductory Session
    • Consideration of participants’ prior experience of counselling skills. What are the main ingredients of an effective interview?
    • Reflection on own practice.
    • Expectations from the course
    • Delivery and assessment model
  • Approaches to career guidance and personal development
    • Person-centered approach
    • Constructivist or narrative approach
    • Motivational and solution-focused approach
  • Writing peer reflective reports
    • Critical reflection on peer’s interviews
    • How to deal with feedback
    Group Work - 1
    • Introduction to group work
    • Dynamics of group work
    • Group counselling: methods and skills
    • The role of a career counsellor in group counselling
    Group Work – 2
      Solution Focused group work
      Arrange group activities to conduct formal group work session for university/college/school students
      Gender Based Issues in Career Counselling Multicultural counselling
      • Characteristics and dynamics of a multicultural group
      • Issues and trends of a diverse group
      • Strategies for working with a multicultural group
      Advocacy and referrals
      • Understanding of different professional roles
      • Counsellor’s professional role in advocacy
      • How to manage referrals
      • Ethical issues and laws involved in referrals
Text/Ref Books
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  • Web site: National Guidance Research Forum:
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2017
Faculty/Resource Person Name:               Dr Aamna Saleem Khan
Qualification:     PhD
Discipline:         Social Sciences
Specialization:   Science Education, Educational Psychology, Teacher’s Education