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CCE-805 Career-related Learning
Campus C3A
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Career-related Learning
Course Code CCE-805
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes Research skills, career-related lesson, experiential learning
Course Objectives
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of planning career-related learning models based on national and international frameworks
  • Integrate and apply this knowledge and understanding in the design of career-related  learning model in formal and informal contexts
Detail Content
  • Prior experience /Introductory Session
    • Consideration of participants’ prior experience of delivery and assessment models, definitions of careers education, career-related learning and its place in curricula
    • The role of the career counsellor in leading career-related learning, tasks involved in leading a curriculum area, the skills and personal qualities required.
    • Expectations from the course Assessment
  • Career-related Learning Manuals/Modules
    • Types of Manuals/Modules
    • Processes involve in Manuals/Modules preparation:
    • Trainers’ information guidelines
    • Assessment criteria
    • Students’ worksheets
  • Designing a scheme of work for career-related learning
    • Schemes of work, programmes of group work.
    • Principles and practice of planning a scheme of work.
    • Schemes of work for different age-ranges and different settings.
  • Practice Session for planning group work Teaching and learning
    • Approaches to teaching in career-related learning such as participative and experiential methods.
  • Resources for career-related learning
    • Range of resources available.
  • Assessment and accreditation
    • Principles and practice of assessment as applied to career-related learning.
    • Options for accrediting career-related learning.
  • Progression and differentiation
    • Principles and practice of progression and differentiation as applied to career-related learning.
    • Practical approaches to planning for differentiation (e.g. by learning outcomes, by task, by use of resources).
  • Practice Session for conducting Lesson Plans
    How to write a Review Paper/Article
    • What is a Review Paper/Article?
    • Elements of a Review Paper/Article
    • Preparing a Review Paper/Article
  • Practice Session
    Review articles and write a plan of preparing Review Paper/Article in your groups.
    Use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
    • Effective use of ICT in career-related learning.
  • Work-related learning
    • Definition of work-related learning and relationship with career-related learning.
    • Use of work-experience and work-shadowing in career-related learning.
  • Practice Session for conducting Lesson Plans
    Improving own practice
    • Monitoring, reviewing and evaluating career-related learning.
    • Development planning.
Text/Ref Books
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Time Schedule Spring Semester 2017
Faculty/Resource Person Name:               Dr Gulnaz Zahid
Qualification:     PhD
Discipline:         Social Sciences – Psychology
Specialization:   Educational Psychology