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ME-818 Kinematics & Rigid Body Dynamics
Campus College of E&ME
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Kinematics & Rigid Body Dynamics
Course Code ME-818
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes Differential Equations, Dynamics
Course Objectives The course will emphasize the tools of analytical mechanics with the main goal of developing mathematical models that describe the dynamics of systems of rigid bodies. The course will also address the formulation of equations of motion for complicated mechanical systems and methods for solving these equations. The course will include applications to multibody systems, and in particular, robots and spatial mechanisms.
Detail Content
  • Frames of reference: transformations and rotations
  • Rigid body kinematics: the decommention of the motion of systems of rigid bodies
  • Rigid body kinetics: the study of the forces that cause motion and the relationship between the forces and the motion. This relationship is generally described by equations of motion. The main focus will be on analytical mechanics, a set of principles that allow us to write the equations of motion using analytical methods
  • Dynamical systems: The study of systems governed by ordinary differential equations including the trajectory of the system, stability, and periodicity
  • Energy methods and integrals of the equations of motion: The decommention of dynamical systems with simplified models in which the order of differential equations is reduced by exploiting conservation laws
  • Simulation: the basic techniques for numerical integration, solving differential equations, and for visualization of results
Text/Ref Books
  • Introduction to Analytical Dynamics, N.M.J. Woodhouse, Springer, 2009
  • Analytical Dynamics, Haim Baruh, McGraw-Hill, 1999
  • Dynamics: Theory and Applications, T. R. Kane and D. A. Levinson, McGraw Hill, New York, 1985. ISBN 0-07-037846-0
  • Classical Mechanics, H. Goldstein, Addison-Wesley, Reading, 1989
Time Schedule Spring, 2017
Faculty/Resource Person Raja Amer Azim, PhD
PhD (National University of Sciences & Technology) Pakistan
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering
Specialization: Vehicle Dynamics & Control