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MTS-800 Advanced Robotic I
Campus College of E&ME
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Advanced Robotic I
Course Code MTS-800
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes None
Course Objectives This course will cover the advanced topics in robotics and robot manipulation, including workspace analysis, singularity identification, parallel robots, and calculation of robot trajectory.
Detail Content
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Spatial decommentions and Transformations
    Decommentions: Positions, orientations and frames.
    Mappings: Changing decommentions from frame to frame.
    Operators: Translations, Rotations, Transformations.
  • Transformation arithmetic
    Summary of interpretations
    Transform equations
    Transformation of free vectors
    Computational considerations
  • Link decommention
    Link connection decommention
    Convention for affixing frames to links
    Manipulator kinematics
  • Actuator space
    Joint space and Cartesian space
    Frames with standard names
    Computational considerations
  • Inverse Manipulator kinematics
    Introduction to inverse kinematics
    The notion of Manipulator subspace when n<6
    Algebraic VS Geometric solution
  • Algebraic solution by reduction to polynomial.
  • Examples of inverse kinematics
    The standard frames
    Solving a manipulator
    Repeatability and accuracy
    Computational considerations
  • Linear and rotational velocities of Rigid bodies
    Motion of the links of a Robot
    Velocity propagation from link to link
  • Singularities
    Static forces in manipulators
    Jacobians in the force domain
    Cartesian transformation of velocities and static forces
  • Manipulator Dynamics
    Acceleration of a rigid body
    Mass distribution, Newton’s Equation
  • Iterative Newton-Euler Dynamic formulation
    Iterative vs. closed form
    Example of closed form dynamic equations
  • Structure of a manipulator’s dynamics
    Langrangian formulation of Manipulators dynamics
    Manipulator dynamics in Cartesian space
  • Trajectory generation
    Joint space schems
    Cartesian space schemes
    Geometric Problems with Cartesian paths
    Path generation at Run time
Text/Ref Books
  • Introduction to Robotics Mechanics and Control by John J.Craig
  • Handbook of Robotics by Bruno Siciliano and Oussama Khatib
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2017
Faculty/Resource Person Dr. Mahmood Anwar Khan
Ph.D. (Mechatronics Engineering) University of Salford, UK
Discipline: Mechatronics
Specialization: Robotics, Stress Analysis