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CSE-871 Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics
Campus RCMS
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics
Course Code CSE-871
Credit Hours 3-0
Course Objectives Main Objectives of the program under which course will be designed are:
  • Introducing definition Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics and understanding of Rates of Chemical processes.
  • Use concentration versus time data to calculate an average rate of reaction over a period of time
  • Construction of mathematical models for simulation of transition state and calculation of activation energy.
Detail Content
  • Basic Concepts of Kinetics
  • Complex Reactions
  • Reactions in Solution
  • Potential Energy Surfaces
  • Catalysis
  • Dynamics of Bimolecular Collisions
  • Transition State Theory
Text/Ref Books
  • Paul L. Houston (2006). “Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics.”Mc Graw Hill Inc., New York.
  • Jaffrey I. Steinfeld (1999). “Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics.” Prentice Hall Inc., USA.
  • S.R. Login (1996). “Fundamental of Chemical Kinetics.”Addison Wesley
  • Upadhyay, Santosh K (2006). “Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics”. Anamaya Publishers
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2017
Faculty/Resource Person Dr Fouzia Malik
PhD (Quaid-e-Azam University)
Discipline: Physical Chemistry
Specialization: Physical Chemistry