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CSE-879 Model Order Reduction
Campus RCMS
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Model Order Reduction
Course Code CSE-879
Credit Hours 3-0
Course Objectives
Detail Content
  • Basics of linear systems
  • Solving matrix equations.
  • Model reduction methods for linear and nonlinear systems:
    • Modal truncation (eigenvalue-based methods),
    • Balanced truncation (SVD-based methods),
    • Pade approximation / rational interpolation (Krylov subspace based methods),
    • Proper orthogonal decomposition (POD),
    • Reduced basis method.
  • Applications of model reduction.
  • Model reduction for parametric systems.
Text/Ref Books
  • A.C. Antoulas: Approximation of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2005.
  • P. Benner, V. Mehrmann, D.C. Sorensen: Dimension Reduction of Large-Scale Systems, Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg, June 2005.
  • P. Benner: Numerical Linear Algebra for Model Reduction in Control and Simulation, GAMM Mitteilungen, 2006.
  • G. Obinata, B.D.O. Anderson: Model Reduction for Control System Design, Springer-Verlag, 2000.
  • W.H. Schilders, H.A. van der Vorst, J. Rommes Model Order Reduction: Theory, Research Aspects and Applications, Springer-Verlag, 2008.
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2017
Faculty/Resource Person Dr Mian Ilyas Ahmad
PhD (Imperial College London (UK))
Discipline: Electrical & Electronics Engg
Specialization: Control Systems