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CSE-896 Translational Bioinformatics Applications
Campus RCMS
Programs PG
Session Spring Semester 2017
Course Title Translational Bioinformatics Applications
Course Code CSE-896
Credit Hours 3-0
Pre-Requisutes Microarray & RNA Sequencing
Course Objectives This course introduces a hands-on computer experience of analyzing real world high throughput genomic data using computational tools and programming languages. The main educational objectives are:
  • Identify real world clinical/translational genomic data and problems from literature and online databases
  • Understand the power of statistical methods and tools in analyzing data in thisfield.
  • Gaining research experience and writing skills in translational bioinformatics
Detail Content
  • Overview of Translational Bioinformatics
    • Areas of research
  • Literature search and paper selection
    • Selection of high impact journal papers with data publically available
  • Databases: GEO, TCGA, NCBI others
    • Exploring publically available data
  • Statistical tools and applications
    • Identifying statistical tools and algorithms used for analysis
  • Individual presentations
    • Clinical question
    • Major findings
    • Methodology
    • Critical review
    • Future directions
    • Identifying a biological problem for analysis
Text/Ref Books
  • Translational Bioinformatics, Wang, Xiangdong, ISSN: 2213-2775
  • Readings (required)
  • Journal articles, handouts and other miscellaneous readings will be handed out during the course
Time Schedule Spring Semester 2017
Faculty/Resource Person Dr Rehan Zafar Paracha
PhD (NUST, Islamabad)
Discipline: Virology & Immunology
Specialization: Drug Discovery and Development